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                                  I WANT TO LEARN LOVING CORRECTION

Proverbs 28:23 He who rebukes a man will in the end gain more favor than he who has a flattering tongue.

Students complain about two types of teachers—teachers that don’t offer encouragement and praise, and teachers who praise students but don’t control the classroom. Students want order and discipline. Without it, they are insecure and unable to concentrate.

    Two important parts of discipline are compliments and correction. Your compliments must not be flattery (false). Proverbs 29:5 tells how flattery spreads a net or a trap for people. Teachers must be truthful in all things--even in compliments. Your words can be life and health to a student if you always speak truth in love, enveloping that truth (if unpleasant) with truthful statements of praise. Use the Oreo cookie method of confrontation. The two cookies are positive statements and the negative confrontation sits in the middle. A positive statement plus (+), a gentle rebuke (-), plus (+) a positive statement equals (=) loving correction. An example might be as follows:

    "Joe, it's great that you know so much about history. Your classroom discussion is a real asset to the class. However, you continue to speak out without raising your hand, and other students are not able to participate in the discussion. I understand that you are excited about knowing information that you can share, but other students may begin to resent your controlling the classroom discussion. You are an intelligent young man with so much potential, and I know that you can understand what I am saying and can correct your behavior. What do you think?"

    Discipline is not negative although consequences are often included in the process. It can be the tool God uses to bond teachers and students into a loving, healthy, working relationship. When students and teachers understand their role in education and establish reasonable boundaries, the school year will progress successfully. Loving correction brings security, self-respect, loyalty, trust, and obedience. Understanding the positive results of correction encourages us to learn the art of loving and purposeful discipline. 

Dear God, Teach me balance in my discipline-the balance of compliments and rebuke all given in love. Help me to discipline "for" my student's benefit, not just mine.  












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