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           The weekly devotional just for teachers!
Welcome to my weekly devotional site. These devotions were written over the past twenty years to be  used in my teacher devotion meetings as teacher training tools to help build a team working toward a positive school culture. I pray they are a blessing to you as you seek to find God's best for you and your students. 

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Devotion for the week of November 23, 2014


Proverbs 18:10  The name of the LORD is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.

    There is power in the name of Jesus.  There is strength and renewal in the name of Jesus.  There is deliverance and forgiveness in the name of Jesus.  There is peace and contentment in the name of Jesus.  His name is the name above all names. 

    A high school student once shared with me a horrifying experience she had while walking home from the store one afternoon.  As she was walking, a man pulled up to the curb, jumped out of his car, and grabbed her arm.  She instinctively cried out, "Jesus, help me.  Save me."  As she began to scream out the name of Jesus, the man became startled.  He released her arm, ran back to his car, and drove away.  This young lady entered into the Lord's strong tower.  Some parent or teacher equipped her with trust in God. 
    One day a student fell in the gym and lost all feelings in both of his legs.  Immediately the entire student body surrounded the young man and began to cry out to God for help without coaching or leading from the teachers.  The student was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and was released that afternoon without permanent injury.  Someone equipped those students with the knowledge and wisdom to cry out to God in times of distress.

    A phone call came into the office; my secretary answered it and began to cry.  Her mom, who was visiting in Europe, had suddenly passed away.  The teachers and students in the office quickly surrounded her and began to pray.  One teacher continued the overseas conversation and gathered details about the incident as we comforted and prayed with our coworker. My secretary became calm and was able to finish the phone call.  She had found the strong tower in Jesus, and ran into it for safety.  What a blessing to have coworkers who can lead you into that refuge.

    If allowed, teach your students to pray in the name of Jesus.  Pray often with your children.  Pray for their needs.  In times of stress or disappointment or loss, pray with them.  In times of victory, and rejoicing, pray with them.  Let prayer be a normal part of your day--at home and (if possible) at school.  Remember your students and your children will model after you.
Dear God, You are a refuge, a hiding place.  Teach us to run quickly into your arms for safety and renewal. Teach us to pray so that it becomes a natural response in times of need.

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