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           The weekly devotional just for teachers!
Welcome to my weekly devotional site. These devotions were written over the past twenty years to be  used in my teacher devotion meetings as teacher training tools to help build a team working toward a positive school culture. I pray they are a blessing to you as you seek to find God's best for you and your students. 

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Devotion for the Week of March 1, 2015



Ephesians 4:2-3 Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. 3 Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.

     The atmosphere of your classroom will be determined by your attitude.  A principal can feel the difference in classrooms when walking through the hallways.  There are joyful, fun-loving teachers, strict, no-nonsense teachers, diligent detailed teachers, and quiet, gentle teachers.  All of these personalities can be successful in the classrooms.  But a teacher with a negative attitude, whether they are angry, unforgiving, uncaring, uninterested, or arrogant, will have difficulties in discipline. 
     Jesus told us that the greatest leaders among us would be great servants (Matthew 23:11).  A teacher is a servant.  We are called to serve, to teach, and to share the knowledge that God has so graciously allowed us to learn.  Teachers must never have a proud spirit. Our age, education, and experience have equipped us. We must approach our classroom with humility, but also with confidence knowing that God has supplied us with a message to teach.

     As conflicts arise, we must do our best to ponder our own childish mistakes from our past.  This will help us find a balance in our discipline as we realize that many mistakes are due to immaturity, not rebellion.  If a student is rebellious, we are to give firm discipline and encourage them to change the defiant behavior.  If the student lacks understanding, or forgets, we must re-teach as we discipline.  Two students can display exactly the same behavior for two different reasons--rebellion or immaturity.  The only way we can determine which applies to the particular offense is to allow the student to explain.  Be patient and listen for what the student says "beneath" the explanation. 

     Love the child as you discipline.  The Love of Christ can help you understand the student who challenges you repeatedly.  He/she is a child.  He/she is immature.  He/she does not see events through the same seasoned, mature, experienced eyes that you do.  Gently, lovingly, and firmly deal with students "for" their good” and, "for" their future.  Draw from the love of God within you, and get rid of any negative emotions you have before you discipline.  Teachers are the adults; students are the children.  Pride can block your ability to do this. You must lay pride down and replace it with a grateful heart, full of humility and service to God's Kingdom.

Dear God, Discipline seems to be the hardest part of my job.  I choose to lay down my pride and pick up a servant's attitude.  Help me to learn your ways as I teach my students.

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